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Independent Study Courses

Periodically, I get questions from graduate students about independent study courses.  As with most topics related to our graduate programs, you can find guidance in the KRSS Graduate Student Handbook.  Regarding the topic of independent study type courses, the most recent Handbook indicates the following:

“Courses Involving Independent Student Work
The department offers a variety of courses with titles that include the terms independent study, supervised research, directed independent research, directed readings, supervised readings, practicum, research participation, or special project, which require the student to work on a specified project independently of a regularly occurring class. Before registering for these courses, the student must receive permission from the instructor. Normally, the student and instructor will develop a plan describing the nature of the work and evaluations. These courses require the student and instructor to complete an Independent Study Contract (available in appendices).” (emphasis added)

So, you should not enroll in a section of an independent study type course unless you have already consulted and reached an agreement with a faculty member.