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UT Freedom Initiative Week

From the Center for International Education:

“The Center for International Education is sponsoring the UT Freedom Initiative next week. The week includes 4 evenings of speakers as well as a daily documentary focusing on the issue of modern day slavery. The speakers next week include:

· Kelly Wyatt, Cry for Justice organization working with women coming out of a slavery in East Tennessee

· James Kofi Anna, a gentleman from Ghana who was a child slave in the fishing industry until he escaped and who now helps rescue children

· Jaclyn Lesch, International Justice Mission representative whose organization is working to end slavery via legal and legislative pressure

· Jonathan Scoonover, Equitas Group, working for justice for children in Haiti who are in domestic servitude

All programs begin at 7pm Monday through Thursday next week, and we hope to see many of your students there next week. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and please forward to any colleagues who may be interested. Please see the attached advertisement!”

I think those of you interested in the work of our Center for Sport, Peace, and Society will be particularly interested.

UT Freedom Initiative 3.0.pdf