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Cultural Studies in Education (CSE) certificate courses (Fall 2013)

Listed below are the courses that the Cultural Studies in Education (CSE) masters and certificate program plan on offering in Fall 2013.  These courses count for the CSE graduate certificate as well. If you have any questions please contact the CSE Certificate Coordinator, Dr. Barbara Thayer-Bacon ( for more information.

1.    CSE 591 Issues in Cultural Studies (Mondays 5:45pm-8:35pm; core CSE certificate course) – Barbara Thayer-Bacon ( < “Combination of theoretical readings in cultural studies and service learning for social justice project.  Discussion of interdisciplinary, social justice, and activism.  Links between theory and practice of cultural studies.”

2.    CSE 539 Development of Education Thought (Psychometric Theory and Methods) (Tuesdays 5:05pm-7:45pm; counts as an CSE certificate course and a Theory Certificate course) – Barbara Thayer-Bacon (< “Historic and philosophic approach to lives and writings of influential educators:  Plato, Aristotle, Locke, Rousseau, James, and Dewey,” with a cultural studies critique included throughout the course.

3.    CSE 545 Educational Sociology (Thursdays 5:05pm-7:45pm; counts as a CSE certificate elective course) – Scott Ellison ( < “Sociological analysis of American education system.  Controversial social issues that affect the educational system and potential solutions offered by various programs.”

Info on CSE Certificate: