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Information on Postgraduate Research Studentship (University of Greenwich)

Dear Students,

please see the attached information regarding a Postgraduate Research Studentship at the University of Greenwich under lead supervisor Professor Paul Ward.

Project title: 

Expert Performance and Perceptual-Cognitive Skill Training in Complex Environments

Project Description:

This project will increase our understanding of the perceptual-cognitive skills that support expert performance in sport, and potentially other dynamic psychomotor domains (such as law enforcement, military and healthcare), and exploit this information to improve human performance through training (and/or technological design). The successful applicant will: (a) Assess and measure visual, perceptual, cognitive, and metacognitive skill and its acquisition; (b) Use experimental methods, and perceptual- cognitive process tracing and cognitive task analysis techniques (e.g., verbal reports of thinking, eye- movement recording, critical incident interviews) to identify the strategies and heuristics that support expert, skilled and successful performance; and (c) Design, develop, implement and evaluate training protocols designed to leverage expert perceptual-cognitive skills to improve individual, team, and system- level performance. Applicants with a background in sport/cognitive/human factors psychology, who already hold a Master’s degree, and have strong research skills, are strongly encouraged to apply.

See attachment for further information. PROF-SCI-01-13_Ward