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Reminders and New Policies for Graduate and Professional Students

Reminders Regarding Graduate and Professional Students

Below you will find a memo from the Graduate School with reminders about academic matters related to advising of graduate and professional students and information about new policies that became effective at the beginning of the current term (Fall 2014). Detailed information is available in the current online Graduate Catalog.

Graduation Deadlines

The graduate student deadline dates for graduation in fall 2014 and spring 2015 are posted on the Graduate School web site at: . In addition to meeting the deadline dates for submission of required materials, students must have original signatures on all forms that require faculty signatures.

Grades of Incomplete

The grade of Incomplete (I) should be used sparingly and reserved for unforeseen circumstances that prevent the student from completing the requirements of the course. The student and instructor must decide and should have on record the terms and time limit for removal of the I. Students may not re-register for that course or take any other course with the expectation that the work done will serve to remove the Incomplete.

Probation and dismissal

Students and advisors should check the student’s academic status at the end of each term to determine if the student is in good standing, on probation, or eligible for dismissal. The Graduate School reviews graduate student academic records at the end of each term including summer. Following that review, letters regarding dismissal will be sent to the student and the director of graduate studies.

Work Assignments and Additional Pay for Graduate Assistants, Graduate Teaching Assistants/Associates, and Graduate Research Assistants

For a one-fourth (25%) time appointment, the graduate assistant’s normal work time should not exceed 10 hours per week. For a one-half (50%) time appointment, the average number of hours should not exceed 20 hours per week. Appointments and additional pay exceeding 20 hours must have prior approval of the Dean of the Graduate School, excluding summer term and the period between semesters. International graduate and professional students may not work over 50% time (20 hours) during the academic fall and spring terms. All graduate and professional students with assistantships may work additional hours beyond 20 without prior approval if the work is done between semesters or during the summer term.

Approval of additional hours over the course of a semester is generally reserved for advanced students for whom the work is related to professional and/or academic development. Students at all levels will be considered for approval for additional work for short-term assignments, such as assisting with conferences or other special events. Whether the proposed assignment will be done within the student’s program or for an external unit, requests for approval must be sent to the Dean of the Graduate School from the department head or student’s advisor and indicate the student’s current assistantship assignment, a brief description of and timeline for the additional work that will be done, indication of the student’s good academic standing, and a justification for requesting that student for the assignment.


In spring 2014 the Graduate Council ratified the polices listed below. Detailed information is available in the 2014-15 Graduate Catalog at

Continuous Enrollment

Graduate and professional students are required to maintain active status in their programs through continuous enrollment from the time of initial enrollment until graduation. They must register for a minimum of one graduate credit hour per semester, excluding summer, unless stipulated otherwise by the program. Please note, however, that students who have begun taking dissertation hours (course 600, Doctoral Research and Dissertation) must maintain a minimum of three credit hours per semester every semester, including summer. International students must check with the Center for International Education, as their minimum enrollment requirements might differ. The time during which the student is on LOA will not be counted toward time to degree. For full details, please consult the 2014-15 Graduate Catalog.

Leave of Absence and Reinstatement

If personal emergencies or other extenuating circumstances arise causing a student to have to interrupt his/her studies, the student may file a Request for Leave of Absence (LOA) for a maximum of two years. The LOA may be granted by the Graduate School upon approval of the home department or program. Students who have been granted a leave of absence are eligible for reinstatement to active status and do not have to apply for readmission. Please consult the 2014-15 Gradate Catalog for rules and procedures regarding this process.

Consequences of Non-Enrollment without Leave of Absence

Students who do not maintain continuous enrollment will lose their active status and may not continue in his or her program until readmitted. Upon readmission, students will be responsible for payment for retroactive enrollment for the missed terms during which no LOA was sought or granted. Full details are available in the 2014-15 Graduate Catalog.

Forms for requesting leave and reinstatement will be available soon.