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Volunteer Internship Opportunity in India

I am the Chapter Leader of Nourish International UTK. We are an organization that tries to address the issue of global poverty through sustainable development. We are currently accepting applicants for our international project this summer, which will be in India and focused on sanitation and health. I was wondering if you could send out an announcement to students in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences. If you want you can use the following announcement:

“This summer the University of Tennessee will be partnering with the Sehgal Foundation to implement a sustainable development project in the rural villages of the Mewat district, located in Haryana, India, focusing on community sanitation and hygiene.

The project will focus on rural communities that lack toilets in homes and schools. Lack of toilets affects the public health of the community and causes an increase in preventable diseases and other health and safety issues. In order to promote villages that are free of open-defecation, student interns will construct household latrines. The project will not only facilitate the construction and repair of toilets, but will also help educate the community and the community leaders on the importance of toilets, and proper sanitation practices. Interns will discuss and develop a micro-plan on sanitation with the women’s village council members and support them in implementing the plan. Along with educating local community members about the public advantages of sanitation, student interns will also promote the dignity of women by providing separate toilets for females at two nearby schools.

For more information on this internship, contact Ashley Dykes at