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Plan on doing research at UT? Get CITI certified!

Dear Graduate Students,

If you are planning to do research involving human subjects, please note that you will have to successfully pass CITI training. You will have to submit the certificate with your IRB application. Here are some directions:

Please follow the link Click on Basic Courses in the protection of Human Subjects in Research. Basic Courses in the Protection of Human Subjects in Research – Mandatory training for all faculty and students working on UTK IRB/Human Subjects Research protocols. A copy of your CITI completion/grade report must accompany any IRB protocol you submit at UTK. For training and access questions contact

Go to
Log in with user name and password or create account
Go to My Learner Tools for University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Then click on the hyperlink Add a Course of Update Learners Group
Make sure the Select Curriculum is University of Tennessee-Knoxville at the top of the page
Question 1 Select Social & Behavioral Research Investigators:
Question 2 leave blank
Question 3 Not at this time.
Question 4 Not at this time.
Question 5 No.
Question 6 Not at this time.
12. Submit
13. Click on the hyperlink Social & Behavioral Research – Basic/Refresher to complete the required training.