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Admission to Candidacy Deadline (Spring 2018 Graduation): November 21, 2017

Admission to Candidacy forms must be submitted to the Graduate School by December 5 for Spring 2018 graduation.

The Graduate Application must be submitted by December 5 . This is done through your myutk account. For all Graduate School Deadlines see:

The department deadline for processing the Admission to Candidacy is November 21. Do not wait to do this. This form requires the signatures of your major professor (your advisor) and your committee members, as well as the Director of Graduate Studies. It will take you some time to collect all signatures. Plan accordingly.

  • Fill out the form correctly and collect these signatures well before the department deadline.
  • Have your major professor sign first, followed by the committee members.
  • You may submit the form to the Director of Graduate Studies (Lars Dzikus) before the department deadline.
  • Submit the form by dropping it off in Dr. Dzikus’ mailbox in HPER.
  • Mr. Smith or Dr. Dzikus will inform you when and where to pick up the form.
  • It will be your responsibility to pick up the form and take it to the Graduate School on time.
  • If you have any questions, first consult the KRSS Graduate Student Handbook ( If you still have questions, ask your advisor and/or Dr. Dzikus.

You can find all necessary forms here:

You can watch a 9-minute video tutorial that will help you with filling out the Admission to Candidacy here (note: there have been some changes to the form that are not reflected in the video, but it will still give you important information):