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Kevin Becker

Associate Professor
HPER 360A2


KNS 541 Supervision in Sport Psychology


Dr. Becker’s research involves studying factors that enhance and inhibit the learning and performance of motor skills. A large portion of his work has been dedicated to understanding the complexities of how attentional focus (i.e., what one thinks about while performing a task) impacts performance and learning. Additional topics of interest include how factors such as task difficulty, variability, and practice structure influence perceived competence, performance, and learning. Dr. Becker has interest in applying this work in clinical and rehabilitation settings as well as high performance sport.


PhD University of Tennessee, Knoxville Kinesiology and Sport Studies – Sport Psychology and Motor Behavior
MS Illinois State University Kinesiology; Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
BS University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Physical Education; School Health Education


2022 – Present Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
2020 – 2022 Associate Professor, Texas Women’s University
2014 – 2020 Assistant Professor, Texas Women’s University


(Google Scholar Profile)

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