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Elizabeth (Kip) Webster, PhD

Associate Professor
HPER 331


KNS 290 Principles of Movement Control and Skill Learning


Dr. Webster’s research interests are focused on assessment, interventions, and policies related to fundamental motor skills and physical activity behaviors in pediatric populations. Her research involves school or early childhood education-based programs that target positive health-related outcomes, such as reducing childhood obesity and increasing physical activity, fitness, motor skill competency, and psychological variables related to health. Her recent research has examined the relationship between physical activity/ motor skill competency to screen-time behaviors, academic achievement, as well as early childhood education center policies that directly relate to improving pediatric health. She has received over $9.5 million in external and internal funding to support her work in pediatric health.


PhD Auburn University Exercise Science
MeD Auburn University Exercise Science
BS Berry College Psychology


Prior to joining the faculty at UTK, Dr. Webster was an Assistant Professor in the Institute of Public and Preventive Health at Augusta University and an Assistant Professor in the School of Kinesiology at Louisiana State University. At Augusta University, she received the Louis K. Bell Research Award for Augusta University (2022) and the Faculty Research Award in the College of Education (2020). At LSU, she served as a Fulbright Scholar in 2017 (Czech Republic) and received the TAF Undergraduate Teaching Award (2018). Dr. Webster is actively involved in the International Motor Development Research Consortium (I-MDRC) and currently serves as the Secretary.


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