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Adam Love, PhD


Associate Professor
Socio-Cultural Studies & Sport Management
HPER 349


RSM 335 Socio-Cultural Foundations of Sport and Recreation
SPST 515 Social Theories of Sport
RSM 535 Ethics in Sport Management
RSM 530 Sport and Media Issues

Adam Love’s scholarly work is driven by a desire to identify and develop ways in which sport and physical activity programs, organizations, and institutions can operate in a more ethical, just, open, democratic, and accessible way. Prominent themes in his research include the following:

  • Gender and racial ideology in sport
  • Public sociology and discourse about sport
  • Motivations and experiences in sport participation

Ultimately, these research themes are united by an interest in imagining how sports can be done in such a way that they produce more positive outcomes, more often, for more people.


BS Sport Management Washington State University
MS Sport Management University of Tennessee, Knoxville
PhD Sport Studies University of Tennessee, Knoxville

2019-present     Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
2016-2019         Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
2014-2016         Associate Professor, Mississippi State University
2008-2014         Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University

2019-present     Editorial board member, Sociology of Sport Journal
2017-present     Editor, Engaging Sports
2011-present     Editorial board member, International Journal of Sport Communication
2013-present     Editorial board member, Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics
2018-2020         President, Applied Sport Management Association
2013-present     Executive board member, Applied Sport Management Association
2012-2014         Diversity committee member, North American Society for Sport Management


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