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Jason L. Scott, PhD

Assistant Professor
Therapeutic Recreation
HPER 350


RSM 325 Therapeutic Recreation and Lifestyle Planning
RSM 420 Principles of Therapeutic Recreation
RSM 430 Organization and Administration of Recreation Services

Scott’s primary research interests focus on examining how perceptions of parental support and individual motivation may have an effect on adolescent leisure behavior, particularly physical activity. Scott’s secondary research interests focus on how the built environment may have an effect on physical activity among urban, minority adolescents. Outcomes of his research aim to provide programming and resources toward prevention/intervention strategies for parents, adolescents, school administrators, and parks and recreation professionals.


PhD The Pennsylvania State University Recreation, Park & Tourism Management
MA University of Tennessee, Knoxville Recreation & Leisure Studies
(Therapeutic Recreation)
BA University of Tennessee, Knoxville Exercise Science

Scott, J. L., Wozencroft, A. J., & Waller, S. N.  The Relationship between Personality and Compassion Fatigue among Future Recreational Therapists. American Journal of Recreation Therapy. (Accepted)

Wozencroft, A. J., Scott, J. L., & Waller, S. N., & Parsons, M.D. (2019) Positive youth development for youth with disabilities in a therapeutic camp setting. Journal of Youth Development, 14 (1): 182-197.

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Xie, J., Scott, J.L., & Caldwell, L. (2018) Urban Adolescents’ Physical Activity Experience, Physical Activity Levels and Use of Screen-Based Media During Leisure Time: A Structural Model. Frontiers Psychology-Developmental Psychology.

Waller, S.N., Wozencroft, A.J., & Scott, J.L. (2017) Compassion fatigue among disability camp staff: An exploratory study. Annals of Leisure Research, 20(2), 206-221, DOI: 10.1080/11745398.2016.1162724