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Lars Dzikus, PhD



Associate Professor
Socio-Cultural Studies
HPER 335


RSM 335 Socio-Cultural Foundations of Sport & Recreation
RSM 337 Women in Sport: An International Perspective
SPST 504 History & Sociology of International Sport
SPST 507 History of Sport in America
SPST 515 Social Theories of Sport
SPST 542 Sociological Aspects of Sport


  • Sport and globalization (e.g., diffusion of American football to Europe)
  • Sport and religion (e.g., collegiate sport chaplains)
  • Sport and violence (e.g., sexual abuse in youth sport)


Undergraduate Exercise Science Universität Hamburg, Germany
MA Cultural Studies in Sport The Ohio State University (1998)
PhD Cultural Studies in Sport The Ohio State University (2005)

Dzikus is a member of the North American Society for Sport History (NASSH) and the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport (NASSS). He has published in Sportwissenschaft, Journal of Sport and Social Issues, and The Sport Psychologist, among others. Dzikus serves as the department’s Director of Graduate Studies. He has received the department’s George F. Brady Teaching Award (2012), was a finalist for the Chancellor’s Excellence in Teaching Award (2008), and received the K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award from the American Association for Higher Education (2005). Dzikus has assisted German professional soccer teams visiting the United States as a translator and liaison. The teams included Hamburg SV, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, FC Nürnberg, and the women’s national team of Germany.



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Fisher, L. A., & Dzikus, L. (2010). Bullying and hazing in sport teams. In S. J. Hanrahan & M. B. Andersen (Eds.), Routledge handbook of applied sport psychology: A comprehensive guide for students and practitioners (pp. 355-364). New York: Routledge.

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