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Leslee A. Fisher, PhD



Director, Sport Psychology and Motor Behavior Graduate Program
Sport Psychology
HPER 336


KNS 231 Introduction to Sport Psychology
KNS 538 Professional Practice Issues in Sport Psychology
KNS 541 Supervision in Sport Psychology
KNS 543 Women, Sport & Culture (cross-listed in Women’s Studies & Sport Management)


  • Cultural sport psychology: The burgeoning area in sport psychology, which focuses on psychological and sociocultural factors that impact performance, participation, and well-being in sport such as power and privilege in different cultural contexts
  • Caring coaches and coach education
  • Intersectional identities in sport, particularly female athlete intersectional identities
  • Moral orientation and moral integrity in sport


PhD University of California, Berkeley Sport Psychology (Physical Education)
MEd University of Virginia Counselor Education
MSEd University of Michigan Kinesiology (Adult Fitness/Exercise Physiology)
BS University of Michigan Kinesiology (Physical Education/Teacher Certification)


The University of Tennessee, assistant and associate professor
Pacific Lutheran University, assistant professor


Paulo Friere (1985) and Bell Hooks (1994) have dramatically influenced my views on the role of education in a democratic society and on my teaching philosophy. Hooks’s (1994) notion that education is the practice of freedom and Friere’s (1985) idea that education is not just a process whereby students passively accept information provided by the teacher but co-construct knowledge with the teacher has impacted the ways I include critical and feminist concepts in my courses such as: (a) education as the process of self-emancipation and the practice of freedom; (b) education as “critical literacy”, the raising of questions about “…the nature of knowledge, its justification, modes of discourse and school organization” (Pai, et al., 2006, p.140), including post-modern concepts like the breaking of traditional disciplines; (c) education as the process of learning about the conditions responsible for domination and oppression in society; (d) education as the struggle to overcome such dominant ideologies in society; (e) education as the possibility of alternative practices, ideologies, and social orders; and (f) education as this type of reflection but then moved to praxis, the incorporation of knowledge/theory into real-life action in one’s community.


  • Fellow, The Association for Applied Sport Psychology (2011–present)
  • Certified Consultant (#307), The Association for Applied Sport Psychology (2009–present)
  • Sport Psychology Registry Member, United States Olympic Committee (2012–present)
  • National Certified Counselor (#53602), National Board for Certified Counselors (1999–present)
  • Limited License Professional Counselor, State of Michigan (1999–present)


  • US NCAA Division I female and male head coaches’ perceptions of “care”
  • US NCAA Division I female and male assistant coaches’ perceptions of “care”
  • Lesbian student-athletes’ experiences of US NCAA Division I sport
  • US NCAA Division I female athletes’ perceptions of an empowerment and social responsibility program


  • Member, The Association for Applied Sport Psychology Foundations Committee
  • Member, University of Tennessee Graduate Council and GC Curricular Committee
  • Member, University of Tennessee Mid-Cycle Academic Program Review Team for Department of Teacher Preparation and Teacher Education
  • Editorial Board: Journal of Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, & Health; Journal of Applied Sport Psychology


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Zakrajsek, R.A., Fisher, L.A., & Martin, S.B. (accepted for publication 8-23-18). Certified athletic trainers’ experiences with and perceptions of sport psychology services for student-athletes. The Sport Psychologist.

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Bejar, M.P.*, Raabe, J.*, Zakrajsek, R.A., Fisher, L.A., & Clement, D. (accepted for publication 6-19-18). Athletic trainers’ influence on NCAA Division I athletes’ basic psychological needs during sport injury rehabilitation. Journal of Athletic Training.

Egli, T.*, & Fisher, L.A. (published online 2-28-18). Christianity and sport psychology: One aspect of cultural competence. For the special edition, Sport Psychology, in Christianity and Sport in Kinesiology and Leisure Studies Journal, 41(1): 19-27. 

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Shigeno, T.L.*, Fisher, L.A., & Murray, M., (accepted for publication). Moral judgment and moral disengagement in U.S. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III (DIII) collegiate athletes and non-athletes. The Journal of Contemporary Athletics.

Fisher, L.A., Bejar, M.*, Larsen, L.*, Fynes, J.M.*, & Gearity, B. (2017). Caring in U.S. National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I sport: The perspectives of 18 female and male head coaches. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching. 12(1), 75-91. 

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Fisher, L.A., Anders, A.D., & DeVita, J. (accepted for publication Dec. 2016). Playing the field: Experiences with sexual orientation and gender in sport and physical activity contexts. In S. Razon and M.L. Sachs (Editors), Applied exercise psychology: The challenging journey from motivation to adherence (Chapter 18). London: Routledge.


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