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Lyndsey Hornbuckle, PhD, RD

Associate Professor
HPER 337


The primary goal of Dr. Hornbuckle’s research is to make a positive impact on health disparities in underserved groups through the promotion of physical activity and exercise. The majority of her current work is centered in African-American communities, and aims to reduce cardiometabolic risk through the development and implementation of culturally relevant physical activity and exercise interventions.


PhD Florida State University Exercise Physiology
MS University of Tennessee, Knoxville Exercise Physiology
BS University of Tennessee, Knoxville Nutrition


Dr. Hornbuckle is a Fellow and an active member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). She has served on multiple national committees for the organization. Hornbuckle is also a Registered Dietitian and maintains certifications in group exercise, indoor cycling, and personal fitness training.


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