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Rebecca A. Zakrajsek, PhD


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Associate Professor
Sport Psychology
HPER 344


KNS 533 Psychology of Sport (Fall)
KNS 544 Performance Consulting Skills and Strategies (Fall)
KNS 490 Psychology of Coaching (Spring)
KNS 545 Psychological Aspects of Sport Injury (Spring)
KNS 540 Research Development in Sport Psychology: Data Analysis to
Manuscript Submission (Spring, 2012)
KNS 530 Research Development in Sport Psychology: Idea Formation to
Data Collection (Fall, 2011)

Zakrajsek’s primary research interests are within the area of applied sport psychology/sport psychology service provision and coach education, which includes coaches’ and athletic trainers’ perceptions of sport psychology consultation and use of mental training. Overall, she is interested in ways sport psychology consultants can work effectively with and through coaches and athletic trainers to contribute to optimal performance and development.

Sample of Current Research Projects:

  • US NCAA DI strength and conditioning coaches perceptions and use of sport psychology and sport psychology services
  • US NCAA D1 head coaches influence on assistant coaches basic psychological need satisfaction and motivation
  • Certified athletic trainers’ perceptions and use of sport psychology in their practice
  • Certified athletic trainers’ current and potential use of sport psychology services
  • Sport psychology consultants use of mental skills and strategies with youth sport athletes: A qualitative investigation
  • Coaches’ perceptions of sport psychology consultants and the benefits of sport psychology services: A cross-cultural perspective
  • Coaches’ use of mental skills and strategies: A cross-cultural perspective


PhD West Virginia University Sport & Exercise Psychology
MA West Virginia University Counseling
MA West Virginia University Sport Psychology
BS Baldwin-Wallace College Psychology 

2011–Present     Assistant Professor, Sport Psychology, The University of Tennessee
2007–2011         Assistant Professor, Sport Psychology/Coaching Education, Indiana State University
2010–Present     Certified Sport Psychology Consultant (CC-AASP), Association for Applied Sport                                                  Psychology

Zakrajsek teaches courses in applied sport and performance psychology and is the director of the Applied Sport Psychology Laboratory. She served as a member of the board of directors for the National Council for Accrediting Coaching Education (NCACE). Zakrajsek is currently serving as a member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology Foundation (AASPF) Community Outreach/Research Seed Grant and Crowdfunding Program Proposal Review Committee. She is also a reviewer for the Journal of Applied Sport PsychologyJournal of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, The Sport Psychologist, and Athletic Insight. She is a member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), a member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Sport Psychology and Mental Training Registry, and an AASP Certified Consultant (AASP-CC).

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