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Robin Hardin, PhD

Sport Management
HPER 354


RSM 100 Orientation to Recreation & Sport Management
RSM 530 Sport & Media Issues
RSM 550 Intercollegiate Athletics
RSM 556 Sport & Religion
RSM 570 Event Management


  • All areas of intercollegiate sport, but especially areas of:
    • Governance
    • Consumer behavior
    • Sport communication
  • The holistic care of collegiate student-athletes


PhD University of Tennessee, Knoxville Communication
MS University of Tennessee, Knoxville Human Performance and Sport Studies
MS University of Tennessee, Knoxville Communication
BS East Tennessee State University Communications (Journalism)
BS East Tennessee State University Political Science

Robin Hardin has more than 50 refereed publications in the profession’s top journals including the Journal of Sport Management, Journal of Applied Sport Management, Journal of Sports MediaInternational Journal of Sport ManagementJournal of Contemporary Athletics, International Journal of Sport Communication, Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, Sport Management Education Journal, Sport Marketing Quarterly, and American Journalism. He also has made more than 150 scholarly presentations.

He currently serves as the editor of Sport Management Education Journal. He was formerly an editorial board member of the International Journal of Sport Communication (2006-2011) and Journal of Applied Sport Management (2013-2018). He has also been an Ad Hoc Reviewer for a variety of journals most recently Communication & Sport, Journal of Sports Media, International Review for the Sociology of SportSport Management ReviewQuest,  and International Journal of Sports Management and Marketing.

Hardin also serves as the Recreation and Sport Management program director responsible for administrative duties within the program, including curriculum development and course scheduling. He has successfully mentored 10 doctoral students in which nine hold tenure-track faculty positions and is currently mentoring four doctoral students. He has also served as a committee member on 11 other dissertation committees.

He is a member of the official statistics crew for Tennessee football and men’s and women’s basketball. He retired in 2008 after 20 years of service in the Tennessee National Guard and is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm (1991–1992).


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