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Total Knee Replacement Evaluation Study

Prospective Evaluations of Patients with Journey II BCS in Gait Biomechanics, Proprioception, Balance and Functional Capacities

Purpose: This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the Journey II BCS knee joint replacement.

Commitment: You will be asked to participate in a total of two testing sessions over six months. All tests will be performed in the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Building Biomechanics and Sports Medicine Lab (HPER 136), Knoxville, TN, 37996. Each full testing session will last approximately two to three hours. The testing sessions will include:

  1. Filling out forms to evaluate your overall health, knee replacement health and satisfaction, and your limitations to daily living
  2. Clinical Function Tests to evaluate your ability to move in ways that are typically required throughout a day; these tests include:
    1. Getting out of a chair, walking a short distance, returning to the chair, and sitting back down
    2. Standing up and sitting back down in a chair
  3. Balance tests
  4. Proprioception tests (tests evaluating your ability to recreate certain movements without looking)
  5. Walking on a level surface and on stairs.

The following is the time table for each session, and what to expect:

  • Session One: 1-2 weeks prior to surgery
    • Fill out: Informed Consent, Private Health Information Release, and Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
    • Full testing session
  • Session Two (Optional): 1-month after surgery
    • Full testing session
  • Session Three: 6-months after surgery
    • Full testing session
  • Session Four: 12 months after surgery
    • Forms only, to be mailed to participant

In addition to these testing sessions, a brief phone interview one week following the surgery will be conducted in order to evaluate your immediate feelings of satisfaction, pain, movement abilities, and current medication taken for pain.

For more information, please review this brochure.