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Local yoga studio looking for expert in kinesiology and “movement in the mind-body categories of activity”

Dear Students,
I was contacted by Ms. Tammy Kaousias on behalf of The Glowing Body yoga studio in Knoxville. The studio is looking for someone with expertise in Kinesiology who would be willing to contribute to their yoga teacher training program. The expertise should relate to  “movement in the mind-body categories of activity.” I you have interest in exploring this or know of someone, please see Ms. Kaousias email and contact information below. I asked about the potential time commitment and Ms. Kaousias replied, “I suggest at least 2, 3 hour blocks of in-class time.  Ideally, the two  sessions would be separated  over several months (so that the info provided in session 1 has time to  be “experientially” understood in the body).”

Hello Lars — thank you so much for speaking with me last week. The Glowing Body Yoga Studio hosts a Yoga Teacher Training program which is registered with Yoga Alliance.
As I mentioned on the phone, I am interested in anyone in your department (or at UT) who has expertise in kinesiology as it relates to movement in the mind-body categories of activity (whatever that means!).

Our program director is Cindy Dollar, from Asheville. She is trained in the Iyengar method which is what we call in the yoga world,  alignment based yoga.  I am taking the training this go around and I have loved it. We are starting another training in November and it will span 12 weekends over about 7 months.
I would like to introduce a more expert element of kinesiology into the program. There are modules out there that can be purchased  — but ideally, I would like someone local, live and learned.  My personal interest (and a growing focus on the yoga world) is the fascial system and the semi-conductive communication network aspect of it.
 If you know anyone who might be interested in talking to me about these areas — or suggest areas I have not even thought of — I would be most grateful.
Thank you very much, Tammy

Tammy Kaousias

Kaousias Law, PLLC
507 S. Gay Street, Suite 1220, Knoxville, TN 37902
865 525 5595 tel / 865 525 7606 fax